The UT MARA English Debating Society invites the Australasian community for the Australasian Intervarsity Debating Championship (AIDC) in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia for the year 2013. We are proud to bring this amazing tournament back to Malaysia, and promise to make this Australs experience eclipse its predecessors.


UT MARA will be working alongside the Malaysian Institute for Debate and Public Speaking (MIDP) that aims to enhance and develop the talent of local debaters.

Debating is recognised as a growing profession in Malaysia, with numerous professionals in the country it has also seen a very strong history of world class debaters from various local universities and colleges that continue to strive to put the Malaysian debate community on the map.

UT MARA Australs 2013 also has strong support from the government sector. The Ministry of Higher Education, fully supports the development efforts and activities of debating in the country; coupled with strategic alliances between MIDP, the Malaysia Convention Exhibition Bureau (MyCEB) – a Ministry of Tourism Malaysia agency, hoteliers, corporate sponsors and local authorities. The AIDC 2013 in Malaysia will be a successful venture that will provide much needed visibility for local university debaters.

As part of the Malaysian Government’s Economic Transformation Programme to drive Malaysia to a develop nation status by 2020, international events and business events have been singled out as two key contributors to economic growth. The International Events Unit at MyCEB was established in 2011 under the Ministry of Tourism to bid for and help support major international events. In support of local associations to host more events in the country, MyCEB with the support of the Ministry of Higher Education, will facilitate in visa applications, approvals and immigration clearance to ensure Australasian Intervarsity Debating Championship, Malaysia 2013 a success.


Malaysia is serviced by 54 international airlines to over 100 international ports. This includes both mainstream and low cost carriers. Over 50% of the world’s population resides within 5 to 6 hours flight time of Malaysia and the country is flanked either side by two of the world’s fastest growing economies i.e. China and India. The KL Express rail link takes just 28 minutes from the modern KL International Airport to the city centre.

Local transport options include rail, monorail and taxi services at very economical prices (KL Express from airport to KL Sentral US$11.50/€8.30).


Most nationalities do not require visas for social or business visits. For those nationalities which require a visa they can apply through their nearest Malaysian overseas mission. The Malaysia Convention and Exhibition Bureau can assist with immigration issues should they arise.


Universiti Teknologi MARA (UT MARA) was established in 1956 which came as a response to a need in Malaysia for trained professionals. It’s known to be the largest University in Malaysia and has a nationwide presence, with three satellite campuses, 20 branch campuses, 12 city campuses, 25 franchise colleges and a “smart campus for the future.” The university’s faculties comprises of about 4,000 academics, scholars and researchers.

The university recognizes debating as one of the most important tool of building human capital. It is for that reason that they invest the highest student co-curricular budget for debating, which makes the debating society one of the best funded in Asia.
This is a university that is keen to see the culture of debating grow. Therefore, they have set up a dedicated debate unit (right after UT MARA Australs 2007) with permanent staff looking after the interest and the growth of debating. Today, there are more than 2,000 students in campuses nationwide involved with debating. The main campus where we plan to run the preliminary rounds is in Shah Alam, the capital of Selangor, about a 20 minute drive from Kuala Lumpur.


Affordability and favourable currency conversion gives visitors and event organisers a lot more by paying a lot less. Malaysia’s often attracts record event attendances due to its affordability, locality and easy accessibility, especially for visitors from developing nations.

“Malaysia is the 3rd most competitive country in the world for travel in 2011””
(Travel & Tourism Index, World Economic Forum)

“6th most competitive country for first-class hotel room rates”
(Travel & Tourism Competitive Index, WEF)


Malaysians are by nature a peace-loving community. Malaysia provides a safe and stable environment for international visitors.

“Malaysia ranks 22nd in the Global Peace Index (GPI) and 2nd amongst Asian countries after Japan”
(Institute for Economics and Peace, Economist Intelligence Unit)

“Top 10 Friendliest Countries in the World and No.1 in Asia”
HSBC Bank International’s Expat Explorer Survey 2011


Delegates will be able to tailor pre and post touring to suit their own personal preferences. Options include exploring UNESCO world heritage and cultural sites such as Penang and Malacca, trekking through some of the world’s oldest tropical rainforests and meeting indigenous cultures located in Sabah and Sarawak, being pampered on one of many island resorts such as Langkawi and Pangkor islands or indulging in urban lifestyle experiences in Kuala Lumpur such as late night shopping for local arts and crafts or feasting on local delicacies. Malaysia’s compactness makes it easy and convenient to get to these destinations with a choice of mainstream and low cost airline services.

Malaysia Convention and Exhibition Bureau will provide complimentary half day or full day tours in and around Kuala Lumpur for delegates (subject to number limitation).


Malaysia is Asia’s melting pot for the regions three key races Malay, Chinese and Indian offering a rich and diverse cultural experience. Malaysia’s cultural diversity is reflected in its colourful fusion of food, festivals, architecture and lifestyle.


Malaysia enjoys a warm tropical climate all year round with balmy evenings, perfect for outdoor eating, night markets and late night shopping. Delegates will be comforted by air conditioned venues and accommodation facilities during their stay.

With strategic alliances between UiTM, MIDP, MoHE, and MYCEB, the Australs 2013 in Malaysia is destined for success. The modern facilities, infrastructures and the expertise available will lead to a smooth planning of AIDC 2013 and will leave a lasting legacy for debaters not only in Malaysia, but also to the world!